The CCT Questionnaire

The CCT Process may be helpful if you are experiencing five (5) or more of the following:

Circle those statements that are true (even if they are only partially true)

1. "I'm tired of trying. No matter how hard I try it is not good enough."

2. "I feel empty inside -- like a shell of a person."

3. "I feel trapped, stuck."    It is like being stuck or trapped in _________________________________________________    (give a metaphor)

4. "I feel phony, like I have a mask on."

5. "I feel like I am lost."   It is like being lost in ___________________________________________________________________      (give a metaphor)

6. "I feel there is no way out."

7. "I don't really know who I am."

8. "I feel emotionally invisible."

9. "In my life I have felt abandoned."

10. "I believe there is something wrong with me."

11. "I feel like I am caught in a Catch-22, a double-bind."

12. "I can't comfort myself."

13. "I stuff my feelings."

14. "I am constantly thinking, over-analyzing."

15. "I keep trying to get rid of bad feelings."

16. "I can't look in the mirror and say 'I love you' to myself."

17. "I have a hard time saying 'no'."

18. "I feel like life is passing me by and I am somewhere else."

19. "I'm starved for love -- but I keep pushing it away."

20. "I'm my own worst enemy."

21. "I feel like I'm in the way."

22. "I feel I need someone else to make me feel whole."

23. "I'm stubborn."

24. "I feel haunted."

25. "I feel like everyone would be better off without me."

26. "I feel like I keep failing."

27. "I'm afraid to move forward...but I'm also afraid to stay where I am."

28. "I'm very impatient (when I'm in emotional pain)."

29. "I feel like the life I've been living is WORSE than death, so death looks better."

30. "I can't get rid of my pain."

31. "I can see what I want (in life) -- but I can never reach it."

32. "I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel."

33. "I feel like I am here -- but not here.

34. "I am who I've always been. It's no use trying to be different."

35. "Feeling hurt and sad is a waste of time. I quickly bury those feelings when I feel them."

36. "It's important to be right and in control."

36. "It is easier to express anger than it is to express hurt and sadness."

37. "I often feel hopeless."

38. "I feel I will never change."

39.  "I feel like any choice I make I lose. But doing nothing I lose too. Either way - I lose. It's a no-win situation."

40. "I feel like I can't get through to others (even those I love) - and they can't get through to me."