Workshops & Trainings Testimonials


The following testimonials are from past Contextual-Conceptual Therapy workshop / training attendees. To protect confidentiality, names have been omitted. 


”Very, very interesting and inspiring. Brilliant presentations by likeable is to be commended. THANK YOU.” - Workshop Attendee


 “(It is) good to know there is a positive and structured approach that empowers suicidal people to find their True Self, reduce suicidality and improve quality of life.” - Workshop Attendee


“The passion from James, Jason, & Fredric Matteson about the work they do gave me the enthusiasm to want to try CCT.” - Workshop Attendee 


“I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the course, very interesting. It has given me a lot to think about.” - Workshop Attendee


“A well-delivered programme. Extremely interesting subject and work. Well done guys! - Workshop Attendee


“This will help me to look at suicidal clients differently.” - Workshop Attendee


“Thank you for a very thought-provoking day.” - Workshop Attendee


“It was just fantastic.” - Workshop Attendee


“Well-organized & structured.” - Workshop Attendee


“Substantially new learning.” - Workshop Attendee


“A new framework for suicidality.” - Workshop Attendee