Listen to Ireland CCT Associate Gitti Maas Describe the CCT Model


A creative, gifted, and warm-hearted counselor and CCT associate, Gitti Maas has been instrumental in bringing Contextual-Conceptual Therapy to Ireland. In 2014 she attended the annual World Suicide Prevention Day Conference in Dublin, Ireland, where CCT founder Fredric Matteson delivered the keynote address.

Gitti explains, "Matteson stood out from the rest of the presenters that day. He was the first professional in the field that I have met who was able to speak from the perspective of a suicidal person, expressing a true understanding of the suffering a suicidal person goes through. I was so moved and impressed by what I heard that I felt the need to find out more about CCT."

Gitti has since facilitated CCT trainings in Ireland with Matteson and his CCT colleagues, and also traveled to the US to study with Matteson at The Contextual-Conceptual Therapy Center in Seattle. Listen to the audio track below to hear Gitti talk, in depth, about the CCT model.